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Have you ever watched the news and saw a report about people being brutally attacked or critically injured while vacationing or sightseeing? Whenever I hear these accounts, the first thing that comes to mind is usually 'How dumb! I bet they were in the roughest part of town, on a remote part of an island or in the deepest part of a forest. because they wanted to "explore" on their own. Nine times out of ten, I am right.

For whatever the reason, these otherwise intelligent people knowingly choose to forgo the sage advice and experience of tour guides -- who are accustomed, equipped and trained in the environment they wanted to see -- because they would rather "figure it out on their own"... only to fall prey to peril.

Unfortunately, this example doesn't only happen during vacations and with wayward travelers. Every day, countless people would rather chose to "make it up as they go" or "figure it all out", rather than lean on the experience and wisdom of others. Parents see this with their children when they don't heed their advice and words of caution. Spouses see this as they give advice to one another, only to have it fall on deaf ears. Teachers even experience this with students who think they know better. But moreso, God sees it in Believers all the time.

God has equipped all of His children with maps and guides for our life's journey. We don't need to figure it out! After all, there is nothing new under the sun.

The map is His Word. Our Bibles have page after page and countless versus of directions for how to live our best lives. He also gifted us with the Holy Spirit to speak to us during those times when we are drifting off the path of righteousness. (It's that still-small voice that some refer to as an "inkling" or "intuition".) He also sends others to share their testimonies and stories of their experiences so that we learn from them. Yet, too often, we chose to ignore all those resources because we are lead to believe that we are the only ones experiencing "it" (fill in the blank with your "it"). This way of thinking and acting usually leads to hurt, embarrassment, frustration and loss.

Today, I am reminded that God has given me so many resources and I am not in this walk alone. I don't have to separate myself to "figure it out". The most rewarding part is that all I need to do is stop and ask for directions. He will lead me to the right scripture, teaching or person. It never fails that usually at the right moment, He will send someone who has experienced the same situation to assist me. And all I have to do is listen and heed their instructions and wise counsel.

Likewise, I am also reminded that He wants to use me as a resource for others. This is why I continue to pen these WHOAments and try to be transparent with my life. It's truly an ecosystem of Believers sharpening Believers. So never hold your testimonies to yourself. When God tells you to share something, share it. You never know who you are leading.



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