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What's In Your DNA?

Lately, there has been an influx of companies advertising their advanced DNA testing services. Here's how they say it works: the client buys a DNA testing kit and returns a saliva sample to them. The company, in turn, uses science and other data to determine the person's genetic ethnicity and background.

These companies also have television commercials showing "real life clients" who have taken the test and their reactions to their results.

There was a woman who learned she was twenty six percent Nigerian. She claims that as soon as she received the test results, she began to wear geles (a traditional Nigerian headwrap), which suddenly became 'the most important hat she's ever worn'. There was a man who grew up thinking he was a full blooded German, only to find out he was one hundred percent Irish. He says he immediately ditched his lederhosen for a kilt. There was also a man who grew up despising Argentinians, only to find out his ancestors were from Great Britain and Europe. The interviewer "consoled" him by telling him he was still the same man on the outside.

After watching these reaction videos, I had a WHOAment: these people made conscious decisions to change their lifestyles based on who they believe they are now. Yet, there are some people who profess to be born-again Believers and followers of Jesus Christ who choose not to.

You see when we were born, we came into this world as sinners. Yes, even you. We were born as full blooded, one hundred percent sinners. Sin was in our DNA. So, naturally, we did things sinners are known to do: S-I-N. And lots of it.

However, the moment we accepted Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior, as the One who died and rose for our sins and the One who will return again for us, our DNA changed! Although we weren't physically born again, we became God's new creations!

Just like the woman and the man who chose to learn all they could about their newly found cultures and even the man who may choose to renew his way of thinking, every person who claims that Jesus Christ is their Father, also has a choice to make: to continue to live the lifestyle of a sinner or to change their lifestyle and represent Christ.

There are few things more troubling than hearing someone who does not profess to have a relationship with Christ react to their observations or the way they are treated by those who claim to be Christians and children of God.

"Hmpf! I thought they were Christians!" or "Are they Christians?" or "They act just like me! Why should I become a Christian?"

Most times, these comments aren't said in a judgemental way. Instead, most of these comments stem from watching the lives and actions of some Believers, whose actions contradict that Christ's DNA is running through their spiritual veins. Because those living outside of Christ can't see the difference from now and when these "Believers" were sinners, they are scratching their heads because these people are not speaking, behaving, living or walking like...well...Children of God.

In the natural, members of the "Royal Family" represent the Queen. As such, they must be mindful of how they speak, the clothes they wear, the people with whom they associate, and where they go. Not because they are "better than others". But simply because they are representatives of Her Majesty. And if given the opportunity, most people would want to ditch their current lives and swap places with a member of the Royal Family -- in a heartbeat.

As the Children of God, we are representatives of our Heavenly Father. People should be able to see something "different" about us because our Father is the King of Kings. We are heirs of His Promise. We are royalty! Based on the way we live, people should want to ditch their current lives and enter God's family. But do they?

This is a call to all of us who claim to be followers of Christ! It's time for us to change from "church folk" and represent our Father! It's time to be righteous examples for others to follow and emulate. It's time for us to love as Christ loved us. It's time to represent Christ and stop blending in. It's time for us to show others that there is another glorious life outside of sinning. It's time for us to show others the benefits and rewards of being a child of God. It's time for us to show others the Way, the Truth and the Life. It's time for us to act like we have God's DNA in our veins!

When we do, people will be drawn to us and want to know more about joining our Family!



Side note: Like the people in the DNA commercials who had to conduct research and look at other people to learn more about their new identities, we can look to our Heavenly Father for answers on how to behave as His children. The Bible instructs us on how to navigate this world. It tells us everything we need to know. He's also left us with earthly examples of those who walk in faith and righteousness.

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