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Stuff ~N~ Thangs

Transparency Time: Over the past quarter or so, I allowed "stuff 'n' thangs" to overcast my regular schedule of writing and/or developing content for my WHOAments™ platform. For instance, I took on outside assignments and jobs which took priority over writing my WHOAments™ and for that, I apologize to God (foremost) and to you.

(But I will say that you may have not received an email notification from me (if you aren't subscribed to, I didn't stop WHOAments™ completely. I have posted some "Wordy WHOAments", a Wedded WHOAment, Instagram posts and a few videos over on our YouTube channel. Make sure you are subscribed to those sites so you can follow along and be in the know.)

Yesterday, a regular WHOAments™ reader encouraged me by saying that my blog posts have really helped her and how much she enjoys reading them. After we talked, I felt a prick deep within that reminded me that I made a commitment to God and myself that I would be on my J-O-B and Writing Assignment. But in order to get back, I need to refocus and let some things go. Today, I made the first step and will continue to make time for, what I truly believe is, my purpose.

So with my confession of faith, we will resume our time together THIS FRIDAY, MARCH 8th! I will be back with "Friday's Fab Fortunes". So stay tuned and consider this a comeback!



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