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Roll... Bounce...Skate

Last night, LT and I went roller skating with other couples from our church. Before rolling onto the rink I decided to watch other people. There were some whose confidence increased with every lap around the rink. There were a lot of confident skaters who zipped by while doing tricks or skating backwards because they were the "professionals". Showoffs (smile)

After watching for a few minutes, I decided it was time for me to get out there and it felt like I hadn't been on skates in years! It was as if I were a toddler learning to skate for the first time. LT even teased me because the last time we were at this same rink, I was the one skating backwards, full of confidence. But this time, was much different. You see, a few weeks ago, I fell and dislocated my shoulder, and while my shoulder is healed, I didn't want to risk injuring it again and, as a result, I was being overly cautious. At one point, I wanted to take my skates off and head towards the snack bar for the all-you-could-eat pizza and drinks. But I didn't allow myself to take the easy way out. Instead, I stayed in my own lane and blocked out what was happening around me. I focused on the fact that I had skated before - and without falling. After about five laps, my confidence rose and I sped up a tad. Before the end of the night, I was gliding around the rink with more agility and had joined the rank of my fellow "confident skaters". At one point, I even high-fived my pastor as I skated by. Yep! I was doing my thang.

Last night, I was afraid of roller skating because I had it in my mind that I would fail. As soon as I rolled out onto the floor, doubt arose within me. I was tempted to give up and let others have all the fun, while I observed from the sidelines. Yet, I persevered and skating became easier.

As Believers, there are times when we are very cautious about sharing our faith with other people. Maybe it is because we aren't sure if the person will receive what we are telling them and we, in turn, take it as them not accepting Christ. Maybe it is because we don't know exactly what to say. Maybe we think we have to be "seasoned Christians" or like our pastors in order for our words to be "right". Maybe it is because we were taught that the best way to tell someone about Christ is to condemn and preach to them. Whatever the reason, there are some Christians who allow doubt to arise and as a result, choose to stand on the sidelines and not tell others about Christ. Yet, they want them to transform, somehow, into Christians.

Think back to the best restaurant you've ever visited. You know, the one with the great waiters, perfect hospitality, right ambiance and awesome food. Yes! That one. Now think about all the people you've referred to that restaurant. Did you write a thesis or do any research before telling them about it? Did you have to think of all the right words to use beforehand? Did you consult with someone else to make sure you were giving them all the right information about the restaurant you loved? Of course you didn't! You, simply, opened your mouth and began to share your experience with them. Why? Because you wanted your co-workers, friends or loved ones (and even strangers) to experience what you did. So you told them about it so they, like you, could experience the best food they've ever eaten. Maybe you even invited them to join you the next time you went so you could experience it together.

You see, sharing your faith in God is the same. It doesn't require that you to do any research or even find the "right" words to say. Simply, share your testimonies with other people. When people hear that you were once like them, living in the same condition and that God delivered and showed you a different way of living, they will want to know more. No one chooses to go through life not experiencing the best. And we shouldn't want that for others. Instead, we should share our testimonies and the faith we have in God because we want others to experience this as well! There is no need to preach at them! There is no need to judge, nor condemn them! Instead, share your testimony to encourage others. Plant the seed and allow God to water it.

Start today. Open your mouth and share your faith. It's as easy as...well.. roll, bounce, skate!



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