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Re: Pardon Me!

Hello TC,

Thank you for this -WHOAment- you gave me something to think about.

My [family member], has 6 months to a year to live. Our relationship is not a close one, but after reading and listening to your interview with your mother I'm adding conversation with [them] along with my prayers.

God has been good to both of us. The doctors gave [them] a time table before, but God said no. I'm waiting to see what His answer will be this time.

Thank you for your writing.

God's blessings

Cousin Ann

Tell the family hello.


TC's Response: Hello, Cousin Ann.I am glad to hear that you are willing to make the first step in mending/healing your relationship with your [family member]. The awesome thing is that you have this space and time to have the conversation(s).

May I make the suggestion to write down everything that you want to say beforehand so that you have talking points during that conversation? Also, before the meeting/conversation begins, that you begin it with prayer together? You will be amazed at how much smoother the conversation goes because you have included Him in it. I also encourage you to meet with [them] sooner, rather than later. You already know that you were led to do so by Him because the enemy certainly wouldn't lead you read/watch Breaking the Silence and to have the heart to reach out to [them]. So don't wait. Do it while the "coals are hot".

I pray and thank God that the conversation is fruitful, free from offense and full of understanding on both ends. I also pray and thank God that your ears are open to receive [their] words and vice versa. Many times, misunderstandings and fallouts begin because we don't hear what the other person is actually saying and as a result, we are ready to rebut and react. So be willing to hear [them] as well. I stand in agreement with your prayer that your relationship is mended and that your hearts heal from past hurts. In Jesus name!

Please keep me posted and let me know how it goes. I am excited to see/hear what God does on your behalf because you have placed your faith and trust in Him!

I love you!

Kisses and hugs,TC


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