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Happy Mother's Day!

I can vividly recall the wave of emotions and milestones associated with every stage of my pregnancies, labor and deliveries. And although there are nuances in every mother's story, almost all can agree that no class, book or person can ever prepare you for what to expect during any of those stages.

Unless you are Mary, the mother of Jesus Christ!

Unlike any other mother, Mary was given exact details of what to expect. Unlike most parents who "hope" their children will be great, Mary knew. It was 100% guaranteed that the Son she carried was destined for greatness! It was prophesied, confirmed and she accepted that the Son she carried would save the world from our sins!

In talking with other moms, I realize that most of us share a common trait: it's very difficult for most moms to look on as our children experience the bumps and bruises of life. Instead, we would rather protect and shield them. We want their lives to be easy and carefree. After all, they are our babies (no matter their age). Right?

Imagine being the mother of the Messiah! I can only imagine that as Jesus' earthly mother, there were times when, like us, Mary probably wanted nothing more than to protect and shield her son. But because He was The Son, she had to deny her motherly instinct. Instead, she had to step aside and "allow" Him to face adversity. She had to allow God to show her "how". It probably wasn't easy, but she did it! And the rest is...well...History!

Although our children aren't predestined to redeem the world, they are destined for greatness! Because God has a plan to fulfill in their lives, when we attempt to shield and coddle them, we are most likely delaying the process. For instance, how will they know to trust God as their provider when we give them everything? How will they learn patience when we don't make them wait? How will they learn to be disciplined when we allow them to go with the flow and obey every whim they have?

No parent is perfect and there is no perfect way to parent. But the Bible does give us instructions on how to do it:

This Mother's Day, I am reminded that our daughters are God's children. They are destined for greatness and I play a vital part in seeing this come to pass. Although it's not always easy, my role in their lives is to train them in the way that God wants them to go. As such, I must lead by example. I must step aside and not get in the way of what they are meant to become.

I hear you, God! It's a process. So lead me, Holy Spirit! I recognize and accept my role.

Happy Mother's Day!

Selah! ~TC

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