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Friday's Fab Fortunes {9.23.16}: Five Fun Facts About Kayla Celeste!!

On Friday, September 19, 2008, I gave birth to our youngest daughter, Kayla Celeste, and this past Monday, we celebrated her 8th birthday! Please enjoy these five fun facts about Miss Kayla.



Kayla Loves to Sing

If someone put a video camera in our house or car, they would most likely catch Kayla enjoying one of her favorite things: singing. She loves to sing solos and duets with Daddy. She loves to sing just about every song she hears, from commercial jingles to T.V. theme songs to Gospel to R&B... you name it. And although it's only September, her favorite song these days is "This Christmas" by Donny Hathaway.

Kayla Singing Some Random Song at Age 5

This Christmas by Donny Hathaway is one of Kayla's current faves.

(Imagine Kayla singing loudly over Mr. Hathaway's voice)


Kayla Loves to Read

Even before she could articulate and understand the meaning of words, Kayla has enjoyed reading. She will read in the bathtub, the car, under blankets long after we have sent her to bed, at the kitchen table...basically anywhere. I hope her love for reading only increases as she gets older.

Kayla Catching Up on "Current Affairs" at Age 3

Kayla Reading "God's World" at Age 4

Kayla's Current Faves at Age 8


Kayla Loves to Talk (very loudly)

Like most parents, before Kayla could talk, I wished that she would. I encouraged her words. I wanted to hear her voice. But once she started, it seemed that she never stopped...and she's L-O-U-D!

"Kayla! Inside voice!"... "Kayla! BE QUIET!!"..."Kayla! You are talking just to talk!"

These are the things that someone would hear (or say) if they spent time with Kayla. But when she's quiet, you wonder what she's up to. Go figure.


Kayla Has a Giver's Heart

We've instilled the cycle of giving and receiving into our children. We've taught them that when they give, God blesses them with more. So it's no surprise that whenever Kayla receives a gift, big or small, her first thought is to give. From returning her tithes to giving random gifts to others, Kayla reaps the benefits of this principle often!


Kayla Loves To Meet (and Talk To) New People

Kayla has an incredible knack for meeting people. When she first started talking, I had to remind her that everyone she meets is not a friend and that most people are strangers. To this day, I still have to remind her of that. She loves to talk to people and has mastered her technique: She will look at someone and find one thing she likes (their hair, their glasses, their shoes ...something) and she pays them a compliment. That's how she starts her "meet and greet". Then she will go on to introduce herself and the "friendship" begins. I love the innocence of her outgoing personality. Yet, I still remind her that it is OK to just say "hello" and walk away.



She can chew bubblegum for HOURS...and HOURS...and HOURS!

Once she was old enough to chew bubblegum, Kayla has enjoyed it. She will ask for a piece of gum (but usually takes two) and she will chew and chew and chew on it until she is told to spit it out.

You can give her a piece of gum at 8:00 a.m and it's almost guaranteed that she will have that same piece of stale gum when you check back at 2:00 p.m.


Happy Birthday Miss Kayla!! May this year bring continued blessings and fulfilled dreams!

~ Love Daddy and Mommy!



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