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Friday's Fab Fortunes {5.17.19}

It's Friday and you know what that means!!! Here are this week's top five Fortunes for which I am grateful! Take a break and enjoy!

"giving thanks always for all things to God the Father in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ," ~ Ephesians 5:20 (NKJV)

Family BBQ!!

This coming August marks our 2nd year in our dream home. When we moved in, we decided to take our time getting it just the way we want it. We (more like "I") didn't want a lot of visitors until we were finished furnishing and decorating. So it has taken that long for most of our family to see it. Tomorrow, we will host our first family bbq and I am excited! My grandmother is even coming and that truly warms my heart! 💚 #FamilyBBQ


Happy Mail!!

One of Kayla's friends made my day when she gave me a Mother's Day note (sent via Kayla). She is the sweetest little girl and I am thankful that Kayla has a like-minded friend. (And her mom and I share the same name so the connection was obvious from day one. ha ha.)💚#HappyMail

"Dear Mrs. Thompson

I wanted to make you a card for Mother's day. I know you are not my mom but I really wanted to make you a card. And I hope God keeps on blessing you

Your Truly,



Mother's Day Getaway 2019!!

Last Saturday, my mom, Jazmyn, Kayla and I went on our 15th Annual Mother's Day Getaway. We started off with breakfast at the Millbrae Pancake House, a restaurant we've frequented since I was a little girl. Then, we headed to our final destination, Hotel Valencia on Santana Row, San Jose. We enjoyed relaxing at the park and once the weather got a little cooler, we headed to our (Executive) suite for girl time and more relaxation. The weekend wouldn't have been complete if we didn't spend HOURS and HOURS by the pool. It was another Mother's Day to remember.💚 #MothersDay2019


Mommy Day Love!!

Everyone who knows our youngest daughter, Kayla, knows that she is a LOVE BUG! This weekend, she gave me a beautiful, handmade Mother's Day card and she gifted me $5 of her own money. Her words brought tears to my eyes and reminded me how blessed and honored I am to be her Mommy. 💚 #MommyDayLove

"Dear Mommy,

Thank you for always being there for me when I need it most. If I have problems, I know I can always come to you. You have turned me into a beautiful, growing girl. If it wern't [sic] for you, I wouldn't be here today. I will love you forever and ever til the very end and I appreciate you and everything that you do for me. Love you lots!

- Kayla"


Happy 20th Anniversary, Berith!!

This Sunday, May 19th, we will kick off the 20th Anniversary for our church, Berith Christian Fellowship! I've been a member of Berith for almost 15 years now and its impact on my life is insurmountable. From the consistent, down to earth and refreshing teaching our pastor, Rick Sherer, pours into my life to the awesome marriage enrichment LT and I receive monthly, to the doable life advice, I am rooted and grounded and here to stay! I know what my life looked like when I wasn't all in and applying the Word and I am not going back! 💚#BerithAt20




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I love hearing from you! So let's chat!

*What were your top five Fortunes from this week?

*What is your favorite bbq food?

*What attributes do you admire about your best friend(s)?

*How did you spend Mother's Day?

*How has being a part of a church impacted your life?

(If you are not part of a church family, we would love to have you at Berith. Hit me up for more details!)


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