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Focus Your Focus

LT and I have an awesome view of the San Francisco Bay Area from our dining and living room windows. Without leaving our home, we have awesome vantage points of the San Francisco Bay, parts of the East Bay, bridges, surrounding greenbelts, the transit system and much, much more. As you can imagine, I find myself gazing out the windows while daydreaming about goals, accomplishments and life, all while taking in these breathtaking views.

On the other hand, when the sun's not shining or when it is gloomy outside, the view is much different. On these days, my eyes only want to focus on the undesirable things I can see up close: the grey skies, the over sized trees, the rooftops of other houses. I can't hear the birds chirping. I can't see the San Francisco Bay Area. I don't consider these views to be the optimum because I've seen the other stunning views. I've experienced the potential. In fact, someone else may look outside and even doubt that we have the great views that I write about, based on what they can see on gloomy days.

Our faith walk is the same. There are days when the sun is shining just right and situations are going the way we want. We see the awesome views (situations) and we are able to imagine God's best and relax in the fact that there is so much more for us. Life is grand because there are no conditions or negative situations on which to focus.

Yet, in a matter of hours, or minutes, circumstances and situations can change. Some thing may come, without warning, that will cause our views to become obscured or hazy. Our flesh will want to only focus on the negative things we see, like the negative doctor's report, how we are feeling, what someone else says, what someone else does to us, what someone else doesn't do for us, the money we don't have, etc. Of course those situations (views) aren't optimum. To most, they would be considered as negative and undesirable.

This WHOAment reminds us that even when the sun's not shining and storms come, rather than look at what we can see, we need to be intentional about focusing on the manifested blessings and promises of God. Although we may not see them now, we know they are there. We know that they are just on the horizon! We know we will see them again! Focus your focus!

Selah! ~TC

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