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Don't Touch My Hair!

One thing I love about my natural hair is its versatility. For instance, one day you may catch me sporting a chunky flat twist out. Then, if my hair (her name is Lahna) chooses to cooperate, she'll let me achieve a poppin' twist out. Once in a while I may wear a braid out. Sometimes, I'll go with straight hair (although I don't prefer this style too often because I love big hair). When I am not wearing my hair down, I'll twist it up in a protective style and call it a day. It's ironic that as much as I love my hair when it's loose, I will often opt for a style that requires less manipulation and fuss. There are times when I just want it out of my way.

Wearing your hair in styles that protect your ends or allow you to keep your hands out of it for days at a time are known as "protective styles". These styles are perfect for any season and lifestyle because they keep the ends of your hair, the most fragile on your head, from being exposed to elements. For me, protective styles are great for when I workout because I have very coarse, thick hair that tends to hold moisture (sweat) and twisting it up is easier to maintain than a loose style.

Before I get into my favorite protective styles, I feel the need to mention that no matter how we choose to style our hair, the foundation of a great head of hair is a good regimen. While I plan to share my hair regimen soon, finding out what products work for your hair is key. Keep it clean, moisturized and hydrated and it will love you back.

The first style that I love is simple: two flat twists. This seems to be my quick, go to style of choice. Although it is simple, when you throw on some lip gloss and earrings you are good to go.

My next go to protective style is "puffy twists". Although they are easy to install, the average installation time is about five to six hours. I usually keep them in about 4-6 weeks.

I also love twists and braids. The install time is varies from 7-10 hours. They can last up to 3 months.

My next favorite style are twisted updos. Depending on the style, they can last a few weeks at a time. It's all about creativity here. Most times I start not knowing what I am going to do. But in the end, it works out.

Keep in mind that I do my own hair. Why, TC? Because 1) I am tender headed and would rather not have someone else pulling and tugging on my hair and 2) I like to change my hair frequently. If I paid someone every time I got a hankering to do another style, I'd be spending a lot of money. I also do our youngest daughters' hair because of the last reason I mentioned. However, like me, Kayla is tender headed, so protective styles that last a few weeks are the best option for her.

Protective styling wasn't easy at first. I had to learn how to do it. Although I knew how to braid, I scoured the internet to find styles and methods that I could do easily. My advice to anyone who wants to do their own hair but is not sure where to start, is to go online and search "natural hair tutorials" and you will find at least one you can achieve. Master that one and then move on. Remember, perfect practice makes perfect. So take your time and have fun with it. The options are endless!!

Selah! ~TC

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I love hearing from you, so let's chat!

*What is your go to natural hair style?

*What is your favorite protective style?

*Do you do your own hair or go to the salon?

*What is your favorite non-protective style?


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