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Dear Kayla Celeste

Dear Kayla Celeste,

The day you came into this world, my life changed. I closed one chapter and started a new. Through you, I learned that I was worth more. During my pregnancy and after your birth, I realized that I deserved God's best -- we deserved God's best. Your birth taught me that I had to let go in order to receive the blessings that God had in store for my life. Your birth opened my eyes to all the possibilities of God's blessings that would later manifest.

From the time you gave me your first smile and the moment I felt your first hug, you became my "Love Bug". You have an ability to brighten a room with your laugh. You have a special way of complimenting someone that makes them smile. Your love is pure. Your love is sincere. Please don't allow this world to tarnish that. Continue to operate in God's love.

I see so much potential in you! Not even the sky is the limit!

I love you!

Happy Birthday, "Bayla Ray"!

Hugs and Kisses,


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*If you could rewind time, how would you want to celebrate your 9th birthday?

*What was your favorite birthday celebration and why?


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