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Can You Hear Me Now?

Do you know someone that only seems to call when something isn't going right in their lives? You know, that one. You only hear from them when their rent is due and they don't have the money to pay it...again. Or they call to receive advice because they didn't follow the words you gave them the last time and now they are in (another) jam. Or they only you when ___________ (insert the crisis).

But on the flip side, you always know when things are good for them, because you don't hear a peep?

Now think of an acquaintance. Perhaps you met them, in passing, while at a dinner party. If you saw them again, you'd probably recognize them. You may even know their first name. But that's all you know about them.

Now imagine this same person getting your phone number, calling you and asking you to cosign a loan for them. You'd probably question their sanity, right? You might be tempted to tell them off, right? How dare they!

If I'm being honest, I know people just like the ones I've described and I find it insulting when someone only dials my number because they have an issue. It's exhausting. Most times, I let their calls go to voicemail because I just don't want to be the dumping ground for their turmoil. And yes, someone I barely knew really did ask me to co-sign a car loan. I was appalled! And I thought she was crazy.

Now turn the tables and think about your interaction with God. Does He only hear from you when there is a crisis or when you need a Word about your situation? If He were a person (thank God He isn't -- pun intended), would He have reason to question your sanity because you only call upon Him when you need something?

We live in a world when convenience seems to rule everything. We want instant gratification and quick solutions. Want a mate but don't have time to develop a relationship? There is speed dating, where you can know in minutes if the person is right for you. But what about getting to know a person and developing a lasting relationship?

Some people want the satisfaction of saying they know who God is. Yet, they don't talk to Him regularly. Nor do they follow His instructions. They call upon Him when they need to get out of a jam. Then once the situation has calmed down, He doesn't hear from them again --.until the next time. There are also some people who are acquainted with Him because they know His name, but they don't have a proven relationship with Him. These same people only call upon Him because they want him to co-sign their plans. Then they blame Him when their plans fail.

Let's not be like those people. There is more to being a Believer than knowing God's name. Their is more to God than Him answering our calls when we need Him most. His Word gives us instruction for daily living. When we obey them, He is pleased.

Develop your relationship by listening, obeying and talking to God regularly -- when the sun is shining and when it's stormy. When our lives are going great and when times are challenging. That way, He will want to answer our call. Every time.



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