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Re: I Disrespected My Husband!? awesome is a true man of God that gives wisdom to his family in a also respectful way. It never ceases to amaze me how humble, loving, intelligent and wise you both are. This is excellent food for thought and an exceptional lesson in communication, togetherness, submission and understanding.

There were probably several incidents that I too was unknowingly being disrespectful to my ex-husband during our marriage. Now that I read your blog article and think back...yours was an avocado and mine was probably something innocent as well but the overall outcome was disrespecting his authority to be the king of my life, king of our home and overall husband that deserves the respect of something as minimal as asking some other man about an avocado choice.

I totally applaud you for your love, understanding, and sharing such an inspirational story. As always you are a DIVA and love your whoaments. Smooches!


TC'S Response: Hi Michelle, Thank you so much for your encouraging words. I've heard a lot of people define marriage as "hard". But it's so easy when you follow the instructions that Christ gave us. As you know, this is my second marriage and I am so grateful to have a covenant partner like Lorenzo who is patient and forgiving as we navigate it together. That lesson about the avocado was so powerful. I am just glad that I was in the right space to receive it. Thank God for chances to get it right. :) Love you! TC

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