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The Time is [NOT] Now!

We live in a world where instant gratification is welcomed and craved by most. We have microwaves that deliver piping, hot food within seconds. If you don't have the patience to wait in the long line at a "fast food" joint, you can just go to the drive-thru window and get your food within minutes. There are now self-service lines at the grocery store for those who think they can bag their groceries faster than the clerks who are paid to do it. Polaroid cameras are making a comeback for those who want their pictures faster than the one hour it takes to get them developed.

Isn't it twisted that things that are supposed to save us time, money and frustration can produce the opposite effect? For instance, I saw an ad on TV about getting a "quick" and "easy" home loan within minutes of applying. This sounds quite appealing...until you read the fine print. Later, you learn that the interest and fees are way more than you bargained for. Now you are in debt, to pay your debt. There are ads that claim "instant" relief of heartburn. Once you take the pill, though, you may have to take something else to get rid of all the side effects it caused. There are the "quick" weight loss ads that promise a flatter tummy within days. But of course, the results don't last. If only you would have spent extra time working out and practiced moderation, you could have lost the weight without spending your money and the results would have lasted longer.

Our intolerance for waiting can be detrimental in the long run. Because I've experienced the benefits of waiting and not settling, I am learning that perfect timing is far more rewarding than my timing.

LT and I recently did some renovations to our home. We did a lot of planning and window shopping beforehand (thanks to LT's leading and God-given ability to think things through and see the bigger picture). Now I am satisfied with the final results because he didn't allow us to make any rash decisions or emotional purchases. Because we had a game plan and a vision, we saved ourselves headaches, time and money.

If you read Keep Calm. And Focus, you know that I tried to create my own timeline of how I thought my writing assignment would/should pan out. At first, I didn't want to wait for God to reveal His plan to me. I wanted instant gratification and "in the meantime" satisfaction. If I would have followed my own plans and timeframe, I know that there could have been detrimental, catastrophic results. But with wise counsel and a desire to please God, I avoided them.

But I've also experienced what happens when you don't wait on perfect timing, only to settle for yours.

Like most young girls, I planned my wedding day long before the groom arrived. Once he "showed up", I stuck him the spot reserved for God's Best Man, ignoring all the red flags he presented along the way. Because I wanted that instant gratification of being a Mrs. and starting a family, I was left with side effects of emotional baggage, esteem issues and a divorce. But God!

When LT and I started dating, there were no ultimatums and pressuring. Instead, it was perfect timing and, with God, our marriage is so much more than I ever could have imagined and far more rewarding than anything I could have planned! Hallelujah!

It's fitting that this WHOAment is released on what is known as "Cyber Monday". My inbox and social media timelines are filled with ads wanting me to buy things "NOW". Buzz words like "BUY ONE GET ONE HALF OFF!" or "AVAILABLE TODAY ONLY!" and "FREE SHIPPING" are used to prey on my emotions and to tempt me. Most aren't even things that I have on my desire list or what I need. And they make it even "easier" and more "convenient" because I wouldn't even have to leave to go and get them. They will come right to me!

But experience is the best teacher and I have learned lessons and know to look at the bigger picture: Do I even have the room to store said purchases? Do I even want them now? If I say no, I can save 100% of my money for something that is on my desire list!

This WHOAment is a caution that while instant gratification can sometimes seem harmless, if you wait for perfect timing, avoid buzz words that prey on your emotions - rather than good sense, and seek wise counsel, you can save yourself from "buyers remorse" down the road. While I am also learning to master the concept, I am more aware of the pitfalls and will remember that the time is not always "now".




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*Were you able to avoid emotional purchases this weekend? What was your method?

* Did you actually buy something that was on your desire list?

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