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Re: Friday's Fab Fortunes {11.18.16}

Hey there my Sistah: yes, we are celebrating thanksgiving primarily with a Seafood Meal: Seafood Gumbo, King Crab Feed, Shrimp, etc. of course we will be offering Turkey & trimmings, etc. we did this last year & it was a major hit!!! No, Christmas, etc. is not currently garnering my attention but, 'soon-come'!!! I hope you and yours have a memorable thanksgiving including family fun, good company & much love😘


TC's Response: Hello Ma'am! That sounds like a seafood lover's dream!! LT is smoking some turkey (just the wings), brisket and salmon. So we aren't necessarily going traditional either. Glad to hear you are with me on waiting to give Christmas the proper attention it deserves, without making Thanksgiving feel like a step sister. ha, ha.Love and God Bless!TC

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