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Friday's Fab Fortunes {11.18.16}

It's Friday and you know what that means!!! Here are this week's top five WHOAments for which I am grateful! Enjoy!

"giving thanks always for all things to God the Father in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ," ~ Ephesians 5:20 (NKJV)


If you are reading this, I am grateful for you. There are days when I may not feel creative or like writing. Knowing there are people who read, are inspired and enjoy WHOAments, keeps me focused on my writing assignment. Whether you have joined my mailing list or came across these WHOAments through another avenue, I thank you. (Although I do encourage you to subscribe to the blog! That way, you will be notified of the new WHOAments as soon as they are released. You can complete the pop-up subscription form or send me an email by clicking here.) #ThankYou


Jazmyn's Grades!!

We know that the transition from grade to middle school can be challenging for some. I am proud of Jazmyn because she is proving that hard work and focus have their rewards. We received her report card and she has made me a Godly-proud Mama! She has four "A"s and two "B"s and a 3.67 GPA!! #KeepItUpJazz


An Upcoming Opportunity!!

In addition to my blogs and book writing, I have been asked to used my writing in another capacity, which I will share once it's official. This opportunity will allow me to use my writing assignment to reach and inspire even more people! #MoreInfoToCome


You Name It Challenge!!

There are video clips circulating social media and they gave me some good belly laughs this week. The original clip is from a live recording of a song titled, "Hold My Mule". In the song, legendary gospel singer Shirley Caesar talks about a man named "shouting John" and how he was unable to hold in his praise for God because of all the blessings God has given him. Well, folks from the internet took part of that song and remixed it. It has become such a sensation, that it is now a challenge to see who can come up with the most creative version. While Ms. Caesar says she is honored by all the creativity but doesn't really like the twerking in some of the videos because she doesn't want it to take away from the original message, I got a kick out of how creative people are. So on Thanksgiving when you ask your Grandma or Auntie what they are serving, think of this. #YouNameItChallenge

Here's one of the videos:

Here is the original video, "Hold My Mule:


Thanksgiving is Coming!!

My FAVORITE holiday is coming! I love Thanksgiving and it is less than a week away. I love how our family comes together spending the day relaxing, eating, relaxing and eating some more. But more than just the eating and relaxing, it is spending time together and being thankful for another year of blessings that makes this my favorite holiday. #ThanksgivingisMyFave




I love hearing from you! So let's chat!

* How do you plan to spend the Thanksgiving holiday?

* What's on your Thanksgiving menu?

*Have you decorated for Christmas already?

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