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Confirmation From "Count Me Out!"

In reading this most amazing blog, I was taken back to how even my own church family members were venting over the recent uproars of violence. In response to the all the venting that day, all I had to say was "but God". It seems like even though the turmoil is going on from day to day, we seem to lose focus that HE is still in charge. I too looked at the social media posts, but then something came over me where "I counted myself out". I just started focusing on the things in my life that brought me peace and actually turned on Netflix to watch love stories. Not that I was uninterested in the events of the world, but I just wanted to remind myself to trust in my Father, my Son and my Holy Spirit that in order for me to make a difference (no matter how minimal) is to continue on the current path of creativity he has instilled in me and show love to someone he leads me to. It was that simple for me--show love to someone else. I pray for the world as a whole but I also thank God for sending his Son Jesus Christ to show us the way...John 14:6

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