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Delayed But Not Denied

“I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course, I have kept the faith:”

2 Timothy 4:7

Last year, a coworker recommended that I read ‘The Help’ by Kathryn Stockett. I read the book and have to admit that it was an enjoyable read. So imagine my delight when I first learned that the book would be turned into a movie!! (Although I am already anticipating the book being much better than its cinematic version).

Today, I read an article about Ms. Stockett's determination and drive. The article revealed that over a course of eight and half years (that’s 5,110 days), her book was turned down (rejected) by 60 (sixty) literary agents before becoming the bestseller it is today!

We recently went through a teaching series at church called ‘God Has A Plan For You’. In that series, we learned that 1) God has a plan for your life; 2) once God reveals your plan to you, you need to take the necessary steps to make your (God's) plan a reality and 3) you may need to make course corrections but you do not give up until that plan is fulfilled!

I want you to honestly think about how you would have felt and if you would have continued to pursue your plan after receiving your first rejection. What about the 5th? 30th? 59th?

Following God’s plan takes faith, strength, faith and more faith! You definitely can not walk by sight when you are walking out your plan. Sometimes it will seem like roadblocks and mountains are insurmountable. But with God…

I am not sure if Ms. Stockett is a believer. I am not even sure if recognizes where her tenacity comes from. But to God be the glory!

The inspiration behind Ms. Stockett’s story can be applied to so many areas of a Believer’s life: When you go to the doctor and get a poor bill of health, do you give up and go by his report? Does his report sentence you to death? When you go to an audition and you don’t get the part, do you give up on acting/dancing/singing and let your gifts and abilities go to waste? When you experience a failed relationship, do you give up on the hopes of finding a suitable mate? When you fall do you just lay there and sulk? Or do you get back up?

Remember, "Don't Give Up! Don't Give In! It's Not Over Until You Win!" (Will you still be chanting this after rejection number 10? 59?)




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