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We Are Connected!

Around the globe, October is recognized as Pastor Appreciation Month. This past Sunday, my church family and I honored our Pastor, Rick Sherer. I've been a member of Berith Christian Fellowship for almost 14 years now and this year's Appreciation Service was, by far, one of the most memorable and best to date.

The theme for the day was "Take Flight" and every aspect of the service was centered around the idea that we are taking flight to the next level in God,departing from Religion and landing in Relationship. The moment we entered the sanctuary, dubbed "Berith Air", we were set to take off with our Captain, Pastor Rick, and First Officer, Lady Rhyon. There were no details overlooked. From the cockpit of Pastor Rick's favorite jet projected on the big screen, the cabin crew, our custom boarding passes to the snacks served on the turmack, it was an awesome day spent honoring our Man of God! Berith showed up and showed out!

While "inflight", we had the opportunity to hear an audio recording of Pastor Zane Anderson and his wife, Jan, (Victory Worship Center, Tucson, Arizona) speaking prophetic words and praying over our pastor and his wife, Rhyon. During this 13-minute Spirit-filled, divine prescience, Pastor Anderson and Mrs. Jan spoke words of life and truth to Pastor Rick and Lady Rhyon, and although the recording was from years and years ago, the words they spoke were so powerful and true, it sent chills down my spine as I listened on.

There were certain parts of the message that resonated with me. Here is the paraphrased version:

"Your ministry will be known as a place of healing. People will come and be healed..."

"Miracles will be performed. Lives will be changed..."

"The old will be drawn to you because of your wisdom. The young will be drawn because of your relatability..."

"You are the Moses of this time. You are called to lead God's people..."

"You are an example..."

"You are uncommon..."

"You are a man after God's own heart..."

"God has cleared you for take off..."

As I listened intently to their words, tears streamed down my face as I realized that my life - the life I now live by faith, the Word I apply to it, the people I touch and impact as a result - are intertwined and connected to my Pastor. And it confirmed that my life, as important as it is to God, is a only small chunk of a much, much grander picture.

Before I even thought about visiting (let alone joining) Berith, God called Pastor Rick to ministry. And long before that, God knew there would come a time when I would get serious about serving Him and when I did, I would need a pastor to be my earthly example of faith and righteousness. He knew I would need a First Lady who exudes virtue, excellence and wisdom as a faithful wife and mother. As such, He gave me Pastor Rick and Lady Rhyon.

I know, without a question or doubt that God ordained my steps when He lead me to my church, Berith Christian Fellowship. But do you know that you can slow down God's activation of His plan in your life? For about three or four years, I I was a member of Berith. I served on Helps Ministry Teams. I attended church, week after week after week. I listened to Pastor's awesome teachings. Yet, my life was still raggidy and I saw little fruit. Why? Because although I claimed Berith Christian Fellowship as "my church", I wasn't "all in". My priorities were not in order. The life I lived did not reflect the Word I was receiving. I had yet to partner with my pastor.

"My life was raggedy."

The words that Pastor Anderson and his wife spoke over Pastor Rick and Lady Rhyon were prophetic confirmations of what I've since come to realize: I am connected to my pastor's destiny and he is connected to mine. When I began to wholeheartedly apply the Word of God and the Godly wisdom spoken through Pastor Rick, I actively partnered with him. And because I am partnered with him, I am connected to all the blessings God has for me. In short, because I am connected to Pastor Rick, my life is destined for greatness!

Throughout the 14 years I've been at Berith, I've watched Pastor Rick and Lady Rhyon remain steadfast and immovable. They've never thrown in the towel. They've remained consistent and unwavering. Because of their example, I have no excuse! I am connected to greatness and I will not be a hindrance to the fulfillment of God's activated plan in their lives! My life has changed for the better because I choose to apply the Word of God spoken through Pastor Rick. I sow tangible seed into his life consistently. I am all in! So when you witness my life and read and watch these WHOAments, it is truly because I am connected to my man of God -- wholeheartedly.

It is a blessing when you finally realize that you are blessed to be a blessing and you are a connection to someone else's fulfilled destiny and activated plan. Are you fully connected?



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