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Re: Friday's Fab Fortunes {4.7.17}

I always look forward to Monday’s and Friday’s, I literally kind of know what time the “Friday’s Fab Fortunes” will post so I head to my emails to check. On Monday’s of course I know to look for the Post a little later in the day.

I want to commend you on an outstanding journey that you’re on, I’ve already spoke it into the atmosphere that my daughter will be included on the “Best Writers List” of all times!!

Please tell both of the girls that I’m proud of them!

Lachele Gandy


TC's Response: I can always count on you!! You have no idea how much your words of support and encouragement mean. I love you so much and thank you for believing in me. With God, I will make that list! Love you. I will tell the girls. :)Love you.Tiffany


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