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Friday's Fab Fortunes {7.6.18}

It's Friday and you know what that means!!! Here are this week's top five Fortunes for which I am grateful! Enjoy!

"giving thanks always for all things to God the Father in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ," ~ Ephesians 5:20 (NKJV)

Independence Day!!

Independence Day fell on Wednesday, which is also the day of the week our family sets aside to attend mid-week services at our church, Berith Christian Fellowship. Our congregation recently moved into our new facility and we exercised our liberty and freedom to worship Christ on Independence Day, which is significantly monumental. #FreedomInChrist


From Neighbors to Friends!!

Before we began house hunting, LT and I created a specific prayer petition which we stood on throughout the process. In it, we believed that we would be led to a home where we could meet others with Christ. We are thrilled to say we have neighbors who are Believers! Being able to share the love of Christ with fellow Believers, who happen to live close to us, is refreshing! This week, we got together for lunch after church and the girls and I spent additional time at their house later during the week. #OurNeighborsRock


Another One in the Books!!

This week, I completed another Client project! Being able to experience the things I once dreamed about is EPIC! Every new editing contract is a testament of God's faithfulness and grace towards me. I didn't do anything to deserve it, yet I am the vessel He uses to bring His plan for my life to fruition and I gladly receive them! #TCEdits


Spending Time With Grandma!!

This week our family, along with my mom, aunt and uncle visited my grandmother and spent the day with her. Other family members were also there and we fellowshipped, ate good food, laughed and talked well into the evening. Seeing my grandmother relax and enjoy our company was so rewarding. She will be 86 this year and being able to love on her is a true blessing. #Grandma


Date Night!!

Tonight is our regularly scheduled date night! It's LT's turn to plan and he sent the plans last night, which makes me all warm and fuzzy inside. (Read "Rules of Engagement" to get more insight into why I mentioned this part.) Looking forward to spending time with my Boo! #DateNight




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I love hearing from you! So let's chat!

*What were your top five Fortunes from this week?

*How did you spend The Fourth of July?

*What do you like about your neighbor(s)?

*Do you need a writer or editor for your next project? Contact TC Edits today!

*What is your favorite memory of your grandparent(s)?

*When was your last date night with your spouse?


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