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Forever Grateful

As a WHOAment reader, you know that on Fridays I share five highlights from my week in an Inspirational WHOAment called "Friday's Fab Fortunes". I share those special moments with my WHOAment family because it puts me in a place of thankfulness and hopefully my sharing sparks others to recount their top five highlights.

Although Fab Fortunes has become a part of my regular routine, it sometimes amazes me that there are some weeks when I have to really make an effort to come up with those five highlights. Perhaps, these are the times when I've had uneventful week. But why is it a challenge to come up with (only) five blessings that God has provided?

We live in a day and time when most things are handed to us without us actually working for them. Most times, we don't even have to give a thought to how they will manifest. Seemingly, we just blink and they appear. Because of this, we take things for granted because this is what we know. This is what we've come to expect. For instance, when I walk to my bathroom to take a shower, I don't really give thought that I will get hot water, because that's what I've come to expect. When I go to my refrigerator and remove the cream for my coffee, I don't think twice that it will be cold because that's what refrigerators are "supposed" to do. When I go outside for my walk, I start walking on my two legs because I have two legs that function in the way God intended. Yet, these are things that God has blessed me with and not everyone can say the same.

There are people living in the United States who do not have the expectation that they will receive cold, clean drinking water from their faucets because they have learned that this is not promised to them. I actually know someone who has to use a prosthetic leg, which means she has adjusted to a new norm, which is much different than mine. There are so many "simple" things for which God saw fit to bless us. But if we are not mindful of them, we can become desensitized to God's provision for our lives and take all our blessings for granted.

I never want to be someone who takes the good things in my life for granted. I know God is the supplier for all good things, from simple to complex, and I never want to take His love towards me for granted.

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I wanted to take the time to thank Him! Here are 50 good things that I am grateful for today. Some may seem simple, but without God, they wouldn't be possible.

Today, I am grateful for:

MY SALVATION. I believe that Jesus died and rose for my sins. I believe and profess that Jesus is Lord and I am a child of the most High! I thank God that I have a relationship with Him that is not based upon how I feel or what I've done. It's a true relationship based upon my faith in the love He has for me.

MY HEALTH. My biological father died from a deadly disease that did not touch me. I am alive and disease free!

MY GODLY HUSBAND. He is truly a man after God’s own heart. His example of Godly living is ever-inspiring.

MY BIOLOGICAL DAUGHTERS. They were a motivation for leaving a toxic relationship. They are now a motivation for being a Godly mother and a woman of purpose.

OUR RESTORED RELATIONSHIP WITH OUR DAUGHTER. Our current relationship with Denae is a manifested answered prayer.

MY MOTHER’S LIFE. My father passed away, my mother lived to raise me and experience my life.

OUR PERFECT HOME. We were led to our home. It is a true testament of God’s faithfulness toward us.

MY HUSBAND'S LOVE. It is a blessing that I am married to someone who has Godly loves towards me. He still loves me and all my imperfections.

MY DESIRE TO REVERENCE MY HUSBAND. With God, I have learned what true reverence is and how to prefer my husband and I'm walking it out.

MY WRITING ASSIGNMENT. God has put an innate writing assignment on my life and I am walking in that plan.

MY LEGS. I have gotten into the habit of walking more and as a result, I am healthier.

HEALTHY AIR. When I walked outside, I was able to take a deep breath because the air quality has improved.

HOT WATER. I took a shower this morning in hot water.

THE GREETERS MINISTRY TEAM. As a Greeter in our church, I have the opportunity to step out of my comfort zone to make others feel welcomed.

THE MEMBERS OF THE GREETERS MINISTRY TEAM. We are a true family and a team of excellence.

OUR CARS. We own three cars . All are in good condition, paid off and get us from A to B and Z.

TC EDITS. My editing business is thriving. I see its progression and success.

TIFFANY’S WHOAMENTS. My blog continually provides Godly inspiration for myself and others.

CAFÉ DEL LORENZO. My husband is an excellent chef and because of his excellent culinary skills, I don’t have the responsibility of cooking for our family.

CLEANING PRODUCTS. I love our clean house and the products that help me maintain it.

OUR NEIGHBORS. We have excellent neighbors who have become friends.

OUR NEIGHBORHOOD. It is peaceful and serene.

MORNING WALKS. My walks are my time to refocus and clear my head.

BUBBLE BATHS. I have a new, updated bathtub where I can spend hours to myself.

MY HOME OFFICE. I’ve created many masterpieces in my new space.

MY PASTOR AND FIRST LADY. I’ve learned life-savings lessons through them.

BERITH CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP. I love my church. It is the heart of everything we do.

MY NAIL TECHNICIANS. I have a relationship with them and have received special favors from them.

PERSONAL GROWTH. I can see how far I’ve come as a woman of God and I like it.

MY SISTERS BY CHOICE. I have a great group of “sisters” who are there to support and pray with me.

MY MATERNAL GRANDMOTHER. Her legacy and teachings still live in my heart.

MY PATERNAL GRANDMOTHER. I’ve gotten to know her better and can still spend quality time with her.

MY EXTENDED FAMILY. Whenever we get together, we have a great time.

THE OPPORTUNITY TO PARENT OUR CHILDREN. I am an example for them, good and/or bad. I pray that the good outweighs the bad.

SUNSHINE. I love sunny, warm weather. In California, I see the sun often.

GLOOMY DAYS. They make me appreciate the sunny ones more.

BEING CANCER-FREE. The doctor said he saw something in my breast. God said otherwise.

ABOUT HER (A NOVEL) BY STEPHANIE SIMON. I landed and completed my first book editing project of many to come. It was a success.

INTERNATIONAL WHOAMENTS: Thanks to my friend, a young woman in Kenya knows about Tiffany’s WHOAments.

WATER. Water is now my preferred drink of choice and I’ve noticed lots of benefits, like clear skin.

MY KEURIG. It’s there whenever I want a fresh cup of joe.

SOCIAL MEDIA. I’ve had the opportunity to connect with more Tiffany’s WHOAments readers through various social media platforms. God’s Word is out there.

WHOAMENT COMMENTS. Whenever a WHOAment reader leaves a comment on a WHOAment post, I am encouraged to keep writing and sharing inspiration.

DIVINE INSPIRATION. WHOAments come when I least expect and it always amazes me how the Holy Spirit will cultivate an idea and bring it all together through my writings.

CLEANING INSPIRATION. I recently discovered cleaning videos on YT and I love how motivating they are. I’ve gotten great tips as well.

MY HUSBAND’S WISDOM. I don’t always want to receive his messages as “good news”, but his (Godly) wisdom is always what I need.

MY NATURAL HAIR. I’ve come to love my hair and its versatility and the fact that I am able to maintain it.

A SMALLER WAISTLINE. I wasn’t trying but it is a by-product of walking and I am beginning to appreciate my physique.

MY IMMEDIATE FAMILY. We have a rhythm and way of functioning and I have grown to appreciate and love it. I wouldn't trade our little family for any other!

Remember, there is someone who would love to trade places with us, even on our "bad days". Don't take them for granted!



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I enjoy hearing from you. So, let's chat!

*Take the challenge. Name fifty (50) things for which you are grateful.

*What is your Thanksgiving Day tradition?


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