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Friday's Fab Fortunes {5.03.19}

It's Friday and you know what that means!!! Here are this week's top five Fortunes for which I am grateful! Take a break and enjoy!

"giving thanks always for all things to God the Father in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ," ~ Ephesians 5:20 (NKJV)

Booked 'n Busy!!

May has just begun and the Thompson calendar is already full! Between events with our church, family and friends, we have a busy month, filled with fellowship, laughs and memories. Looking forward to it! #BookedNBusy


My New Cleaning Tool!!

I know I shouldn't be this excited about a new cleaning tool...but I am! By now, you know that I find cleaning very relaxing and I pride myself on keeping a clean home. This week, I added a brand new 2-in-1 vacuum/mop to my cleaning caddy. So far, it's a winner! #IHeartMyBissell


Kayla's Open House!!

This week, we attended Kayla's open house for her school. As I looked at all her projects on the wall, I couldn't help but think back to her kindergarten open house. How time flies! She is now boasting about becoming a sixth grader and although I am happy about her progress, there are times when I wish we could go back to kindergarten. 😢 #KaylasOpenHouse


We completed Week 4 of the #CleanwithTC Spring Cleaning Challenge! This week, our tasks were to memorize and meditate on Hebrews 10:25, invite someone to church (or attend if it had been a while) and we cleaned our living spaces. How did you do this week? It's not too late to share your progress @tcswhoaments and use the hashtag "#CleanwithTC"! #CleanwithTC


Hebrews 10:22-25!!

During the #CleanwithTC Challenge, I (along with other participants) memorized and meditated upon four Bible Scriptures. I will go into depth soon, but for now, I will say that my participation helped me focus on getting into God's Word daily - and I have committed these scriptures to memory! #BibleMemory




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I love hearing from you! So let's chat!

*What were your top five Fortunes from this week?

*What are your plans for Mother's Day?

*What is your favorite household cleaning tool?

*What was your favorite subject in grade school?

*Did you participate in the #CleanwithTC challenge? Remember to send progress, before and after pictures & videos! (On IG, use #CleanwithTC)

*What is your favorite Bible Scripture? Why?


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