1. The moment you grasp or fully understand. 

2. The act of grasping or fulling understanding.

3.An epiphany. 


Once you get it, you get it!

Happy Monday Tiff, I was touched by your April 12, 2019 Fab Fortunes. Sending you hugs my friend.


It is always good to be reminded that we have so much to be thankful for. We are definitely richly blessed.

Wow! I loved reading Kayla's letter to Mommy! This amazing child is learning a lot from her Mom. The time spent between all you girls for Mother's Day weekend are beautiful memories that will become treasures. Always be thankful for everything.

Dear Tiff, I totally enjoyed looking at every single picture you posted from your oldest Princess. Wow!!! What a beautiful young lady! I bit is hard for you as her Mom to see all the changes she has gone through. Please wish her the best from me & may the Lord always g...

What a child and what a gift! I love Kayla, since I saw her the first time, I knew she was extra special. I always remember her warm smile, loving and genuine. God bless her and guide her thought her journey in life.

Happy birthday Princess Kayla. You are such a gift!


What a wonderful & inspirational message. I think we all need to learn to Let Go of what ever it is that holding us back from becoming a Christ like individual. Great Job Tiff.

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