1. The moment you grasp or fully understand. 

2. The act of grasping or fulling understanding.

3.An epiphany. 


Once you get it, you get it!

I do love the wisdom in this article!!

A great reminder to don't give up. It's not over til I win!

I needed this reminder right at this moment of frustration take time out to pray and praise through it.

Great reminder tips on dating your spouse! Our schedules have changed & we have dates during the day. Visualizing my spouse in the light of day, relaxed, enjoying an iced tea on the waterfront. I find enchanting. My soul soothed that for a time, I am his only care in t...

My husband joined me reading this before bed last night. We both were quiet after and just let the Holy Spirit minister to us before chatting. It was Wonderful!!

As I reflect on my grandmother's life, Mary Ann. How she choose to be with the Lord two years ago today. I reminisce in the joy of knowing her. How the Holy Spirit reminds me she knew him. Mary Ann's choice to live & rest with him is what comforts me.

T.C.'s Response: V...

I will be printing to add to our Heirs Together Binder as a devotional!!! This was juicy worship.

Very encouraging and awe inspiring piece. Thanks for the literary journey into your life.

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